Client: African & American Women for Peace (AAW-PEACE)

  • Barkue Tubman

    Barkue Tubman

  • Lisa Pickrum

    Lisa Pickrum

  • Lisa Pickrum

    Lisa Pickrum

  • Korto Momolu

    Korto Momolu

  • Isha Tejan Cole-Johansen

    Isha Tejan Cole-Johansen

  • Marie Free Wright

    Marie Free Wright

  • MacDella Cooper

    MacDella Cooper

  • Shontelle Layne

    Shontelle Layne

While our work with AAW-PEACE was a huge success, this particular project was the most fun because of the people involved.

In July 2012, AAW-PEACE, a global network of well-meaning women committed to accelerating the pace of socio-economic development in Liberia through youth-focused programs, approached MUIPR regarding their interest in opening up a satellite office in New York.

AAW-Peace_(Flyer) print_compressed

To do this, MUIPR developed an invite-only launch event in NYC to introduce AAW-PEACE to local professionals and businesses. The key objectives of the event were to:

  1. Cultivate brand awareness for AAW-PEACE among young professionals and non-profit outfits with vested interest in infrastructure and economic development for countries in Africa
  2. Help AAW-Peace generate funds to carry out its initiatives in LIberia.

Every year, AAW-Peace organizes the ‘Dare to Dream’ conference chaired by Her Excellency, Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, 2012 Nobel peace laureate, Africa’s first historic female head of State, and President of the Republic of Liberia. The conference attracts top industry leaders, celebrities and thinkers, all joining hands to inspire young people.

Thus, MUIPR’s assignment was to secure top-tier sponsors and celebrities for the event… and Celebrity wrangling, we did!

The results? Over 200 entrepreneurs, business professionals and non-profit enthusiasts attended the event on a Tuesday evening after work! The red-carpet affair featured several A-list celebrities (Entertainment mogul Mona Scott Young, Singer and Song-writer Shontelle Layne, Actress Misa Hylton) and sponsors (Arik Air, Monami Entertainment, Mirani Perfume, and Shea Moisture).

One event, delicious swag bags, loads of cool celebrities, good times.