Industry Experience

Entertainment Public Relations


At MUI-The PR Company (MUIPR), we have the skill sets and relationships to reach niche markets in a competitive marketplace. Our relationships with entertainment influencers, media contacts and consumers of music that our clients create, have helped us obtain directed, high-impact publicity and coverage for our clients. Over the years we have produced, publicized and hosted high-caliber events, garnered publicity for listening parties and designed content marketing campaigns around special projects for luxury entertainment brands like DJ Universe [creator of Afro-Electronic Dance Music (A-EDM)].

Fashion Public Relations


MUI-The PR Company (MUIPR) has either produced or being a critical public relations (PR) partner to many of the most important shows and industry events during mainstream and special fashion weeks in New York City. The result? An unmatched knowledge of the fashion industry influencers, showrooms, and media outlets that it can leverage to drive awareness for its clients. Whether it’s a pop up boutique for sustainable fashion designers, presser to launch a new collection for Pan-African brands, strategic alliances with showrooms and retail outlets, or third-party endorsements from consumers and fashion industry professionals, we work to get fashion brands and their products in front of the right audience.

Information Technology Public Relations


We design and deploy social media and traditional public relations programs for IT brands with experience developing websites, ecommerce solutions and web applications for diverse small to mid-midsized B2B and B2C companies. Also, our work in this arena allows us to cultivate well-meaning and unparalleled relationships with tech influencers that help our clients get (more) mileage out of the PR programs we develop for them.

Media Relations


We have existing relationships with professionals in various media outfits and enjoy talking about their novel ideas and projects with market segments that they may not have access to. We have helped brands and individuals from various facets of the media, including TV, video, new media, print, and photography sectors, cultivate integrated PR programs that propel them to success. In addition to market penetration, we have also facilitated unparalleled partnerships and strategic entry into industries that are beneficial for their work. We are also the firm on record for staging client events with leading brands like The Newsweek and the Daily Beast Company.

Non-Profit Public Relations


MUI-The PR Company has extensive experience representing many of the African Diaspora’s top non-profit brands, whether through new project launch events, fundraisers, celebrity wrangling, media coverage in targeted publications and broadcast channels, third-party endorsements and sponsorship development. Our experience in this arena also includes facilitating strategic partnerships for non-profits, developing and managing their promotional and positioning statements, and engaging consumers about their causes via social media.

Politics Public Relations


MUI-The PR Company (MUIPR) develops and manages successful politics public relations campaigns and voter outreach programs. We have helped launch target audience identification and social media programs for politicians who want to penetrate African communities in the New York City area.

Our team of practitioners includes three consulting firms who have long-standing relationships with African entrepreneurs and business owners citywide. Our experience also includes planning and executing special events to raise the awareness, developing culturally appropriate messaging, creating and managing social media platforms, and engaging intended audiences via these social networks.

Public Healthcare Public Relations


As the demand to innovate the way public health is delivered increases, healthcare delivery agencies and individuals are engaging strategic public relations companies like MUI-The PR Company (MUIPR) to develop and/or reframe their value proposition for their audience.

Our experience in in public health research and communications are useful for clients in the health care arena who need to reach health care consumers and prospects in lucrative and innovative ways.