Strategic 5-Point PR Approach


At MUIPR, we take a no-nonsense approach to generate buzz about you and your brand. We are the go to PR Company in the NYC market for brands who want a PR strategy that motivates value-added influencers to share positive experiences about them. We also do extremely well in cultivating, implementing and sustaining strategic-based, 360 degree PR communications programs consisting of a comprehensive 5-point plan:

  1. Brand Research, Evaluation and Analytics
  2. New Media Relations: Digital and Social
  3. Traditional Media Relations
  4. Event Planning and Production: Consumer and Business Markets
  5. Other Services: Strategic Partnerships, Speaking Engagements, Crisis Management, 3rd Party Endorsements, User Generated Content, Thought Leadership Program, and List Sourcing and Generation

Through a blend of fresh and inventive tactics in these areas, our 5-point plan for strategic PR increases visibility and generates sufficient incremental demand for your brand with your target audience. From short PR blitzes to ongoing PR campaigns that illustrate the core elements of your brand, we do whatever it takes to get your brand talked about over and over again.

To learn more about how our 5-point strategic PR approach can help your brand, please contact us.