Agency Profile


Mon Utopie Ideale- The Public Relations Company is the first independent strategic public relations and promotions agency in NYC for Pan-African businesses and leaders in entertainment, fashion, politics, media, non-profit and urban development sectors.

Touted by many as “Africa reNouveau”, we facilitate direct and informed awareness of Africa and debunk the generally accepted views of Africans in mainstream media outlets and the western world. Using African businesses as the target market in which we operate, we commence on a thoughtful, well-researched approach to cultivate and sustain a positive public image of Africa, one that already exists but is unbeknownst to the world. We give a voice to companies and individuals seeking to breathe life into a concept or venture. And, we utilize a hands-on, no-nonsense approach to obtain favorable publicity and deliver results, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We employ a 360-degree approach to brand building and provide a full range of traditional, social and digital PR services that include: media and promotional campaign management, special event planning, product placement, vendor relationship and partnership building, market research and competitor analysis, product positioning and overall brand management.

Our current client roster include well-known politicians like Senator Eric Adams, celebrities like Gbenga Akinnagbe, ethical brands like Liberated People, multiple Emmy-nominated media professionals like Ojinika Obiekwe, global charities like The MacDella Cooper Foundation, private equity start-ups like Vera Daniel LLC, strategic marketing firms like Royalty Lifestyle, professional networks like Africans in the Media and Creative Industries (AMCI), entertainment outfits like DJ Universe (creator of Afro-Electronic Dance Music), web development companies like K-Primes, and large-scale NGOs like The African and American Women for Peace.

We’re also the PR Company on record for some of New York City’s leading and trendiest events for Pan-African brands, creative start-ups and dot com companies.

So, we are, one independent strategic PR agency in NYC, comprised of a small team of high functioning change agents, and a diverse group of cool, and super-charged Pan-African brands.