Akua Afwireng – Social Media Strategist


As social media strategist for MUIPR, Akua Afwireng oversees the social media strategy for integrated marketing accounts at MUIPR, bringing more than 10 years of media experience to the agency.

At MUIPR, Akua conducts research, crafts engagement strategies and executes social media campaigns for clients. She possess a keen understanding of how social media strategies are implemented as a part of a larger integrated marketing strategy, and demonstrates this understanding through the strategies she develops for clients, in order to keep them at the forefront of social media and online marketing. In her role, she also develops, oversees and sustains relationships with social media influencers that are significant players in the online conversation spaces that are important to clients.

Akua began her career at HBO in New York and then worked at Good Girl PR, where she developed and increased their online presence via social media. She has been a longtime social media enthusiast and is passionate about translating this enthusiasm into groundbreaking campaigns for clients. She holds a BS in Management from the University of Phoenix. When she is not developing social media strategies for clients, she enjoys blogging and event planning. Tweet her @ghanaianbella.