Ijeoma Genevieve Mbamalu – Managing Director


With years of data, analytics and communications experience, Ijeoma Genevieve Mbamalu co-founded MUI-The PR Company (MUIPR) to strategically advise clients on how they can be successful within their distinct markets. Under her direction, Genevieve’s MUIPR represents multiple business segments and leaders across three strategic brand public relations (PR) areas: social/digital media, events, and traditional PR. In 2014, Genevieve co-founded an automated news aggregator entitled “MUIPR Blog”. The web portal provides news stories and opinion content that covers PR, music and entertainment, innovation and technology, art and design, fashion, living healthy, women’s issues, and culture.

In addition to PR and aggregating news stories, Genevieve has a strong background in executing revenue growth strategies and development of go-to-market approaches for new-new markets. These growth strategies are constructed through structured feedback data and purchased market data to segment and prioritize the market, by identifying and articulating customer problems that the specific products and services solve for both buyers and end users.

Genevieve also has experience in harnessing scientific research for behavior change communications. She has engineered research and evaluation efforts for public health brands in NYC and co-authored original empirical work in top tier journals on a number of topics. She has also led studies that have examined the impact of ad campaigns on the attitudes, perceptions and behavioral intentions of target audiences in NYC.

Genevieve holds dual Masters Degrees from Boston University and Columbia University.

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